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The curriculum in mechanics is designed to be inspiring, challenging and motivating. Using creativity and imagination to design, make and problem solve in real time with vehicles to practice on. Mechanics also links to mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art

Key Stage 3 Summary:

  1. To understand the importance of health and safety in the work place.
  2. Select from and use specialist tools, techniques, Processes, equipment and machinery precisely
  3. Identify & solve problems and understand how to reformulate problems
  4. Evaluate practical tasks, involving different areas of mechanics and related topics (eg- Bicycles, electronics & simple engineering)

Key Stage 4 (Year 10) Summary:

  • ABC Award in Motor Vehicle Studies

Practical Tasks and Assessments:

  • Unit 1 covers - Health & Safety in the workplace, Fire Prevention, PPE, Manual Handling
  • Unit 2 covers- Introduction to Vehicle Braking Systems
  • Unit 3 covers- Introduction to different types of Vehicle Inspections
  • Unit 4 covers- Introduction to Vehicle Valeting

Key Stage 4 (YR11) Summary:

  • ABC Level 1 in Motor Vehicle studies

Practical Tasks and Assessments:

  • Unit 1 covers- H&S Responsibilities and Legislation, Safety signs and Legislation
  • Using Engineering Materials and skills
  • Remove and refit mechanical components (Car Engine)
  • Introduction to Automotive Electrical Principles

Please see our Mechanics Curriculum Progress Map in the attachment below or by clicking here

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