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About Us

About Us

I am delighted to welcome you to The Peak Academy. The Peak Academy is situated in Dursley, Gloucestershire, and draws pupils from a range of backgrounds, both urban and rural, across Gloucestershire and also neighbouring LEAs.

The Academy is a special school for young people all of whom have a statement primarily identifying social, emotional and Mental Health needs, including a range of secondary needs such as; moderate learning communication and interaction and attachment and trauma. The Academy currently admits up to 60 pupils between the ages of 11 and 16. Through 2023-25 Reach South aim to extend this age range, working towards 5-19 as need dictates.

Underpinning this vision is our commitment to the inclusion of young people with special needs and disabilities in our society. This begins by offering an outstanding education and is supported by our commitment to lifelong learning.

It also addresses negative attitudes; lack of services, or ready access to them; and other harmful social, economic, and cultural barriers.

The staff provide a highly effective and individual package of education, care, and pastoral support to young people who may have only negative experiences of school. A positive environment supported by high levels of staffing ensures that each pupil has the opportunity to make progress and achieve their full potential.

The Peak Academy is committed to a strong partnership between home and school in order for pupils to achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum

Our success will be judged by excellence in progress, standards of behaviour, sporting and creative achievement, and the politeness, self-discipline, and compassion of our students. It is important to us that students enjoy learning and feel safe and happy at school, and that we enable them to develop the confidence, independence, and self-awareness required for their future success and wellbeing. Our successes are celebrated daily

The Peak Academy, will provide a safe and nurturing environment. Increasingly through  developing knowledge of diagnoses and of individualised pupil need  Peak will drive aspirational achievement through differentiated approaches based on those needs.

To support this, we have a strong pastoral team comprising of mentors, counsellors, pastoral managers, intervention support, and experienced school staff who forge excellent relationships with other professionals and multi-agency teams.

 "I enormously value the links between the academy and home, and believe success is built on strong partnerships between parents/carers and ourselves. My door is always open, and prospective or existing parents/carers are very welcome to visit the Academy. I look forward to meeting you."

ELISA eNtWISTLE - head teacher

Contact Us

The Peak Academy
Drake Lane Cam
GL11 5HD

T: 01453 542130