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SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development. Detailed below are the Ofsted definitions for each word: 

  • Spiritual: Explore beliefs and experience; respect faiths, feelings, and values; enjoy learning about oneself, others, and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; and reflect. 

  • Moral: Recognise right and wrong; respect the law; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; and offer reasoned views. 

  • Social: Use a range of social skills; participate in the local community; appreciate diverse viewpoints; participate, volunteer, and cooperate; resolve conflict; and engage with the 'British values' of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect, and tolerance. 

  • Cultural: Appreciate cultural influences; appreciate the role of Britain's parliamentary system; participate in culture opportunities; and understand, accept, respect, and celebrate diversity. 

Promoting British Values 

The Peak Academy is committed to serving its community. It recognises the multicultural, multi-faith, and ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom. It also understands the vital role it has in ensuring that groups or individuals within the school are not subjected to intimidation or radicalisation by those wishing to unduly, or illegally, influence them. 

The Government emphasises that schools are required to ensure that key ‘British values’ are taught in all UK schools. 

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