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Learning and Education


The Peak Academy has a nurture department containing Everest for the boys and Serenity for the girls. Each unit has a dedicated staff team and the classroom facilities to teach a wide range of subjects in a fixed location. The nurture department has its own mini-library, dining room, and garden facilities. 

Pupils in the nurture department participate in online learning lessons with the Tute education company. This allows the pupils to access a bespoke learning programme with specialist teachers using up-to-date technology. 

Pupils in nurture also have access to the whole school reward system. In addition, they have access to nurture rewards, film mornings, story time, academic quizzes, and team events. 

Each pupil has a bespoke timetable that caters for both their academic and social and emotional needs. Pupils have access to interventions, including: Read, Write, inc, Tute, Royal Marines, creative therapy, hair and beauty, and nurture sessions. 


Everest is the boys' nurture unit. Everest is a mixed key stage 3 class. In line with the principles of nurture, boys on average spend between 24 and 39 weeks in the unit. 

Everest is a large classroom which contains different learning zones, including a formal classroom area, an art zone, and a reading/relaxation zone. Pupils within Everest have an individual timetable and study the following subjects: 

  • English 
  • Tute Science 
  • Maths 
  • Project 
  • Communication 
  • PSHE 
  • Art 
  • PE 
  • Royal Marines 

Once a pupil is fully engaged with learning and is socially and emotionally more resilient, they begin a planned transfer to the main part of the academy. Pupils have individual transition plans which are reviewed on a daily basis to ensure that transitions are bespoke and successful for every individual.


Serenity is the girls' nurture unit. This unit has been created in order to give our girls their own identity and separate nurture base. The unit takes pupils from year 7 to year 11 and runs three different curriculum routes: 

KS3 Acorn Route 

Pupils are based within the unit and study the following subjects: 

  • English 
  • Tute Maths 
  • Tute Science 
  • Art 
  • PE 
  • PSHE 
  • Food Technology 
  • Nurture 
KS4 Chestnut Route 

Pupils are based within nurture for: PSHE, PE, food technology, hair and beauty, Tute science and childcare, GCSE, BTEC, and functional skills. Lessons are attended in the main part of the academy for maths, English, and science. 

KS4 Evergreen Route 

Pupils are based within nurture for all subjects and access exam subjects from within the Serenity unit. 

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