Science Update

27th September 2018

Nevis have been demonstrating how matter exists in certain states or phases.

They have been learning water can be liquid water, solid ice, or gas vapour. It’s still all water, however, and made up of molecules of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom (H2O). In the experiment for their AQA science they have been collecting data for their evidence.

Scafell have been working on their AQA Science.

They have been learning that individual substances in a mixture can be separated using different methods, depending on the type of mixture. These methods include filtration, evaporation, distillation and chromatography. In the photos they have been using Sulphur, iron fillings and a magnet with great results.

The Greenfield Academy

The Greenfield Academy is currently based at The Peak Academy in Dursley. Pupils from both schools are working together as Peak pupils until the new Greenfield Academy school has been built.

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