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The Peak Academy to Advise on New Mental Health Curriculum

3 April 2019
The Peak Academy to Advise on New Mental Health Curriculum

The Peak Academy is to be involved in the development of a national mental health and wellbeing programme. Working in partnership with Tute Education, a leading provider of alternative, online curriculum, a group of our students will be trialing and reviewing the initial draft of Tute’s new mental health and wellbeing course.

This is an exciting opportunity for The Peak’s pupils and staff to help develop and refine a mental health and wellbeing curriculum that will be of benefit to children across the UK.

Richard Lewis, Principal, said: “The Peak is delighted to be working with Tute Education on a curriculum that will change the lives of so many young people. As a school, we are committed to driving education forward, and the opportunity to develop such a valuable and innovative provision allows us to make great strides toward better teaching at schools across the UK.”

“Our staff are vastly experienced in working with young people who suffer from mental health problems. Their knowledge and expertise empowers them to provide feedback that will ensure Tute’s new curriculum has a substantial impact on children who find mainstream learning to be challenging.”

For two years, Tute Education has been working with The Peak, delivering specialist maths and science lessons for students in our two nurture units. Tute’s current curriculum is delivered remotely through daily 45-minute lessons accessed via the internet. Each student has a login to Tute’s online learning platform, where they can see their teacher and communicate using a headset or online chatbox. During this two-year partnership, Tute’s educators have developed an excellent rapport with our staff and pupils.

Now, Tute is expanding its provision beyond core academic subjects to include a mental health and wellbeing course for young people. They have asked our school for assistance in developing this important addition to their curriculum. Given the success of the Tute programme, we are delighted to take part and help shape the design of this curriculum, which will go on to be used nationally for the benefit of young people.

Vanessa Leach, Managing Director at Tute Education, said: “Tute has seen a great increase in the number of students accessing our services who experience social, emotional, and mental health issues; often students who cannot access mainstream learning because of their needs. Whilst their academic outcomes are important and delivering core subject provision is meaningful, we want to do more and are delighted to be working with Team Mental Health and The Peak Academy to build this wellbeing programme.”

Tute Education worked alongside Team Mental Health, a mental health consultancy founded by child psychiatrists, to design the course and used TMH’s insight to develop the draft of the curriculum.

On Tute’s work with Team Mental Health and The Peak, Vanessa Leach said: “We are keen for the content to be informative in its promotion of positive mental health and the message that we all have mental health, and we all need to know how to look after it. TMH are medical doctors, specialised to become consultant psychiatrists, who are passionate about driving change and supporting communities to take proactive, preventative action and are the perfect partners to help us build this programme.”

“Piloting it with our colleagues at The Peak, who give great focus to this topic, is a tremendous opportunity. Their guidance through teacher and student feedback will ensure that we can monitor the programme's effectiveness so that we are ready for the official launch in September.”

The trial will be carried out by seven girls in The Peak’s Serenity nurture unit who have been using Tute’s provision for two years. Their good working relationship with Tute will mean their feedback is honest and valuable.

Taking place over a six-week period, the trial begins on 3rd June. Tute intends to use the feedback to refine the curriculum ahead of its launch to schools nationally in September. Tute Education is committed to perfecting its provision, and will continue to refine the programme to ensure it is as useful and effective as possible.

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