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The Peak Academy Pupil Council End of Year Achievement Report 2019

10 July 2019
The Peak Academy Pupil Council End of Year Achievement Report 2019

The Pupil Council have played an integral part in driving standards at The Peak Academy forward this year.

  • The Council represent every young person at the school as their role is to be ‘The Peak Academy Pupil Voice’.
  • They work consistently together towards ensuring an Inclusive Education through referencing all areas of our School Development/Improvement Plan.
  • This includes: Reputation, Inclusion, Standards, Every Child Progressing and Structures.
  • Senior Leaders place great value on our Pupils’ Voices and therefore listen carefully and endeavour to act on their suggestions.
  • We have had pupil representation from all classes at both key Stages who meet every term.

The Council have had a number of great successes this year including:

  • Working closely with Cater-link to improve the quality, choice and presentation of food.
  • Providing Curriculum Reports termly to support improvements in English, Maths, Science, Nurture and Serenity.
  • The establishment of Pupil Lesson Observers who have observed a range of lessons and reported back on standards accordingly.
  • Safeguarding discussed at every meeting.
  • Event Planning. Children In Need and other fundraising events.
  • Marketing and Communications for school events.
  • Health and Safety: Computer improvements, rabbit holes on the football pitch and identification of areas which need attention.

Favourite events of the year

Pupils are passionate about their school and reported back on their very favourite events this year. They referred to Maths lessons, involvement in Pupil Council, taking part in lesson observations, Conquering their fears on the Residential Trip through Coasteering etc and they loved seeing Dolphins in reality.

Next Steps

  • The Pupil Council are keen to further improve the school Rewards System.
  • They recognise the importance of Listening Skills and are keen to make improvements in this area.

We were delighted to have been joined by our Chair of Governors for the final meeting of the year.

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