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Students Receive Exam Results

22 August 2019
Students Receive Exam Results

Years of learning and hard work were rewarded today as our year 11 students received their exam results. With tests taking place in May and June, students have had to wait two months to discover their grades.

A number of our students were waiting on their results to find out what their next steps would be, so it is understandable that many were nervous.

The Peak Academy is extremely proud to announce that our year 11 students achieved excellent results. 58% of pupils achieved 9 or more qualifications (minimum L1 or GCSE grade 1), including maths and English, which will help support them in securing a place in the next step of their education.

It was the first time that pupils at The Peak had taken up to 6 GCSE qualifications, and two of our year 10 pupils sat their maths GCSE early, achieving grade 4 and 3 respectively. A particular success in our GCSE results was Chay, who achieved grade 4s in maths, English, and double science.

Today’s results have highlighted success in a number of subjects:


  • 38% of pupils achieved grade 4 or higher.
  • All pupils achieved their predicted grade or better, with 67% achieving their FFT5 score.
  • Notable achievement: Kieran achieving a grade 6.


  • Both English language and literature were taken by Peak students for the first time, and 100% of pupils achieved a grade in both.
  • 60% of pupils who took GCSE English language achieved their FFT5 score.
  • Notable achievements: Chay achieving a grade 4 and Dominic achieving a grade 3 despite only being at the school since October.


  • Peak students sat GCSE science for the first time, and 100% of them achieved at least grade 3.
  • 43% of pupils achieved a grade 4 or more.
  • 80% of pupils achieved their FFT5 score.
  • Notable achievements: Kieran achieving grades 5 and 4 in double science (synergy).


  • 100% of pupils achieved at least grade 3.
  • 60% of pupils achieved a grade 4 or higher.
  • Notable achievements: Jack achieving a grade 6 and Scott achieving a grade 5.

The majority of our year 11 students have spent many years at the school, and we are sad to see them go. We want to wish each and every pupil the best of luck for the future, whether they go on to further education, an apprenticeship, or their first job.

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