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Ninja Warrior Treat

20 December 2019
Ninja Warrior Treat

On Tuesday Mrs Rugman and Mrs Owen took 10 boys who had scored the most points throughout the term to ninja warrior in Gloucester, the boys were beautifully behaved throughout and they all represented the peak really well.

Callum showed great skills completing the adults course and being the only one to make it up the half pipe, Solly surprised us all with his strength and completed 90% of this course as well. Well done to Cally for being the only girl amongst the boys she really showed them how it was done.

Special mention to Mykee who finds these situations hard but having built a great relationship with his TA Mrs Rugman he choose to come and joined in wonderful.

As well as challenging themselves on each obstacle the boys enjoyed jumping into the foam pits and pushing the teachers in.

It was lovely to see a mix of children get on so well.

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