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Developing the Computer Scientists of the Future

9 December 2019
Developing the Computer Scientists of the Future

As the world continues to become more digitalised, computer literacy is increasingly crucial for the children of today. This was highlighted in the government’s UK Digital Strategy 2017, which suggested that 90 percent of all jobs within the next 20 years will require some element of digital skills.

There’s no better time for children to start becoming digitally literate than at school. That is why I.T. is an essential part of the curriculum at The Peak Academy, and digital events such as Computer Education Science Week, which starts today, are important dates on the calendar.

This week-long event is an annual programme dedicated to inspiring school children to take an interest in computer science. CSEdWeek, as it is regularly referred to, is supported by 350 partners and 100,000 educators worldwide. It begins on 9th December in recognition of the birthday of computing pioneer, Admiral Grace Murray Hopper.

By the time children reach secondary school, they are likely to have already built up a foundation of digital ability. It is our responsibility, through I.T. lessons and by marking events such as Computer Science Education Week, to develop their digital skills and teach them about computer science.

We hope that CSEdWeek inspires the next generation of computer scientists while also ensuring all children develop the digital skills they need to lead successful careers in the future.

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