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Celebrating the Amazing Life of Charles Darwin

12 February 2020
Celebrating the Amazing Life of Charles Darwin

On this day in 1809, Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury. Little did his parents know, he would grow up to be regarded as one of history’s most prominent scientific thinkers. Today, The Peak Academy has joined the country in remembering his achievements.

Charles Darwin’s acquaintance with the natural world began when he was invited to sail on the HMS Beagle. As the guest naturalist, he was tasked with making observations about the resident species of the countries the ship passed through. The expedition took 5 years in total, meaning Darwin had a very exciting task!

The findings Darwin collected on his journey inspired the theories for which he is best known. The HMS Beagle played such a big role in Darwin’s discoveries that it now features on the British ten pound note. He concluded that the continued adaptation in living things could be explained by natural selection, and the animals who were better adapted to their environment would be more likely to survive and reproduce, passing these adaptations onto future generations.

Science is an important part of our curriculum and students enjoy learning about the processes of biology that shape our world. Learning about the studies of Charles Darwin is a brilliant example of how scientific theories can be seen in action.

Alongside other great names of modern science, Charles Darwin now lies peacefully at rest in the grounds of Westminster Abbey. His discoveries about the natural world changed the way the world viewed the patterns in the diversity of life on Earth.

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