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Attachment and Trauma

22 October 2019
Attachment and Trauma

The Peak Academy continue to take part in the extensive research project on Attachment and Trauma in collaboration with the Gloucestershire Virtual School and Oxford University.

Why we are doing this?

Sometimes pupils’ emotions and behaviours are particularly complex due to Attachment and Trauma stemming from early years’ development.

Staff at The Peak Academy take part in a weekly comprehensive Continuing Professional Development programme and one of the things we focus on is this important subject.

Staff require specialised training to feel confident in working with young people who have experienced trauma and/or neglect and the Programme has been designed to address this, through helping staff to develop whole school approaches to behaviour, develop resilience and enable effective learning.

This term the focus has been on Emotion Coaching developed by the Psychologist John Gottman in 1997 in the US. It recognises the scientific evidence that what adults do shapes and strengthens brain development in children.

Emotion Coaching enables children and young people to manage their own behaviour through helping them to:

  • Understand the different emotions they experience
  • Understand why they occur
  • Learn how to handle them.

In addition to this a number of our staff are undertaking accredited courses linked to Attachment, Trauma and Resilience and gaining expertise in enhancing and supporting the education of the pupils who are affected by this.

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