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A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

22 June 2020
A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

It’s now more than three months since our school closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s been a challenging period for us all. But, when times are difficult, sometimes all it takes to give everyone a lift is a few kind words.

Recently, we were humbled to receive a generous letter from Mr and Mrs Lark, the lovely parents of Tertia, one of our fantastic students.

Since the government ordered our school to close, we’ve been finding different ways to keep in touch with our students and provide the support they need to continue learning at home.

Through phone calls, visits, home learning resources, and feedback, we’ve been helping our students adapt to their new way of learning. It’s also been great for our staff, who’ve loved staying in contact with students, even though they aren’t able to teach them at school.

We were all delighted to read in Mr and Mrs Lark’s letter that Tertia was working immensely hard despite the challenges, and that our support was making a real difference.

We also marvelled at the beautiful cake Tertia made, which was modelled on our school logo.

On behalf of everyone at The Peak Academy, we’d like to say thank you to Mr and Mrs Lark for their kind words, and to Tertia for being a fantastic, hard-working student.

If you’d like to read Mr and Mrs Lark’s letter, or take a look at Tertia’s stunning cake, click the button below!


Mr Mrs Lark's Letter to The Peak Download

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