Skylark Outdoor Pursuits

25 February 2019
Skylark Outdoor Pursuits

Unfortunately, the journey with Seb and his team has come to an end, with only the session today being left to complete. Having participated in many different adventurous activities over the last 5 weeks, the group were really enthusiastic to actually get out on some natural rock and experience climbing and abseiling in the outdoors.

The progress the group had made over the last term was clearly evident, with us being able to get away from school to the site in the forest of dean in the shortest time so far. All the boys were not only organised with their own kit but they were supporting others and taking on being responsible for our instructor’s kit for the activity.

On arrival at Plump Hill we got the kit organised and made the short walk to the crag to set up the climb and the abseil. All of the boys listened to the safety instructions and then either chose to remain with Seb and Mr Hyam at the top of the crag whilst the kit was set up. Whilst the others went on a short walk with Mr Willsmer to explore the local area.

The enthusiasm and anxiety in the group were clearly evident with the nervous chatter that could be heard along with the words of support amongst the boy group, before the activity started. To their credit all of the boys participated in the activity in some way, which was great to see.

It was a truly inspiring day to see the group push themselves beyond anything they have ever done before. Using it as an opportunity to display all the life skills they learn at Peak, together with upholding the school values and ethos.

An amazing experience for all involved.

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