Skylark Adventures Update 9th May 2019

9 May 2019
Skylark Adventures Update 9th May 2019

The outdoor education programme with Skylark Adventures is coming to an end, with only a few sessions left for the boys.

Our instructor had decided to take this opportunity to go climbing again at a venue in Hereford. This venue was used because of the diversity of climbing experiences that could be provided.

Arriving at school we did not have to get a lot of kit ready, we just had to collect the lunch for the children. Once this was done and the briefing for today’s activity had been completed we were able to start the journey. On the journey to the venue the level of enthusiasm was palpable, as were the nerves which could be heard in the nervous chatter amongst some of the group members.

When we arrived at the venue the group managed to organise themselves with their kit and even helped our instructor take the bag of harnesses. Our instructor then reinforced the expectations of behaviour to ensure everyone’s safety before we warmed up on the bouldering wall. The level of improvement and confidence amongst all of the group members was displayed in their ability to take calculated risks, listen to advice and take on some really dynamic moves to ensure success with some very challenging routes. These qualities were also displayed when the group started to do some climbing on the automated belays under the guidance of our instructor and the staff from Peak.

Special recognition should go to two individuals who climbed the majority of a route using one hand with their feet, two individuals who climbed with blindfolds and two others who made it to the top of a 10m climb for the first time. As was expected after this level of excursion, the journey home was much quieter, with the boys either sleeping or talking about their achievements.

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