Skylark Adventures Update 4th April 2019

4 April 2019
Skylark Adventures Update 4th April 2019

The last session of term has arrived and all the boys in the group were excited to abseil, climb and go caving.

Unfortunately, due to the recent adverse weather conditions we were unable to participate in this, so our instructor decided to take us to another indoor climbing centre.

Having been given a quick brief before we left the school site the group were eager to get under way. Arriving at the centre we all walked in and sat on the mats by the bouldering area where our instructor spoke to us about bouldering safely. All of the group participated well in this and really pushed themselves far beyond their comfort zones, which was great to observe.

After having participated in this for around an hour or more we took a break for lunch and the boys drifted in and out of continuing to participate in the bouldering. Under the guidance of instructor some of the boys used the self belay ropes to do some climbing, which provided a very different experience on the climb and the decent. At the end of the afternoon, the group all gathered to get the kit back on the minibus before we drove back to school.

The whole experience really was fantastic to observe when you consider the group had only participated in a few sessions of climbing since the adventure with Skylark commenced after Christmas. To their credit, the school values, together with other essential life skills were again demonstrated by all.

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