Skylark Adventures Update 24th May 2019

3 June 2019
Skylark Adventures Update 24th May 2019

Today was the final session of outdoor pursuits with Skylark Adventures and our fantastic instructor Seb.

Fortunately we were not faced with adverse weather conditions to battle through, instead the sun was shining and the sky was blue with a light summer breeze. Despite the fact that it was the last session the group were very excited to be returning to a cave system we had previously explored at Symonds Yat.

The way in which the group organised themselves and the kit for the activity was as you would expect after many weeks of practice. It was like watching the workings of a finely oiled machine and because of this we were able to get away promptly.

Arriving at Symonds Yat enthusiasm in the group was palpable, some were keen whilst others displayed nerves through silence and focus or nervous chatter. Seb spoke to the group about the expectations of behaviour so that everyone was safe. We then walked the short distance from the mini bus to the scramble down into the valley below. Everyone in the group managed to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and achieved an enormous amount even before we reached the cave system. During the activity, all of the group members put themselves through many different challenges under the ground, which was a real pleasure to observe. The school values were displayed throughout, together with many other life skills.

Returning to the mini bus after the scramble up the valley, the group were quick to organise themselves so we could get away promptly to get back to school on time.

In conclusion, I feel it is necessary to mention that the intervention has been a great success for all involved. Not only have they managed to gain recognised qualifications in Outdoor Recreation, but also they have had the opportunity to take part in potentially life changing experiences.

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