Skylark Adventures 7th March

7 March 2019
Skylark Adventures 7th March

Another week had passed and it was time for another adventure for the group to participate in.

This time it was one that a pupil in the group had requested, which really increased the opportunity for the group to take ownership of the experience.

The young person had chosen to visit May Hill over near Newent so that we could go for a walk in the forest and then attempt to make the summit to see the view across, the north Gloucestershire, the Malvern’s, Wales and down the Severn estuary.

Unfortunately, we were not able to make the summit but the group still managed to get an enormous amount from the trip, as they had to cope with difficult terrain underfoot, poor weather and they were involved in another trust exercise crossing a ditch that a fallen tree had bridged. Images of Robin Hood and his band of merry men come to mind.

The schools values were displayed, together with other essential life skills.

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