Skylark Adventures 28th March 2019

29 March 2019
Skylark Adventures 28th March 2019

The group were very excited to be canoeing again, especially with the fact that we had an unseasonably warm spring day to enjoy.

The sky was clear blue, the sun was shining and there was not a breath of wind. Arriving at Purton Lock the group organised all the kit and then two of them volunteered to give the safety brief before we got onto the water. This was all done with the attention to detail that was needed, which enabled it to be done quickly and safely.

Once on the water our instructor decided that it would be good to paddle the other way down the canal towards Sharpness Docks. On the journey there was part of the canal that had become a haven for wildlife. The aim was to try to see some large fish or some otters, sadly we saw neither. On the way to the docks we went between the old pillars for the railway bridge across the River Severn, which provided an opportunity to talk about the history of the area.

Arriving at the docks the group were amazed to see the size of the ships that would originally have come down the canal to Gloucester. We then paddled a short way back down the canal before we got out for some lunch. After lunch it was time for the paddle back to the launch site where the boys did some rescues and some capsize drills before putting the equipment away, getting dry and travelling back to school.

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