Skylark Adventures 18th January 2019

18 January 2019

Another week had passed and it was time for our intrepid explorers to embark on another adventure under the watchful eye of our instructor. However, we were faced with very different conditions today, the temperature had dropped considerably, the sky was grey with the impending feeling of rain on the horizon and the wind was howling.

The briefing before we went out took a considerable amount of time because of the fact that we all needed the correct clothing with us, ensuring that we were kept warm and dry if the rain arrived. Having briefed the group we all got on the minibus and drove to Frampton on Severn, where we spent a small amount of time looking at the lightening damaged church before we walked out onto the side of the Severn estuary to look for fossils.

The adventure had already started with discussions about the medieval settlement at Frampton, and to then move onto looking for fossils further captured the imagination of the group. This was made even more apparent when some of the boys found ammonite fossils, which predated the dinosaurs. Having discovered the fossils we then climbed the bank to make a shelter under a tarp, boil some water for out hot drinks, rest for a while and have our lunch before we walked back to the minibus.

The day as a whole was amazing and it was made even better by the way the young people in the group helped and supported each other, together with engaging in the activity of being an aspiring archaeologist.

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