Science Update 1st March 2019

4 March 2019
Science Update 1st March 2019

All the classes have made a board to demonstrate what they have been learning in Science.

Nevis have been working towards their GCSE and learning many different topics within Science however they thought they would like to show off and make a board on Global warming.

Donard have been learning about the functions of the skeleton. Skiddaw have been learning about virus and diseases. Scafell as part of their AQA Science have been learning about Darwin and Evolution. Arnside and Hellvelyn have been making cells. I think you will agree they have produced some fantastic work.

Pupils have been learning how to combine Science with teamwork. One group had to work as team to identify bones of the skeleton and the other group have been learning how cells travel through the arteries. They popped a ball into tube and worked together to carry the ball without dropping.

Who said science can't be fun? Science is amazing!

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