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Pupil Council Constitution September 2018

26 September 2018

The purpose of the Pupil Council at The Peak Academy is to share and discuss ideas and views put forward by all the pupils in the school about ways we can improve the school further.

The Pupil Council allows:

  • The pupils at The Peak Academy to have a voice
  • The pupils to help the school and community be a better place
  • The pupils to help to improve learning in the school
  • The pupils to raise money for charity

Each Tutor Group has an elected Pupil Council Representative who shares the views of the Tutor Group at the Council meetings which take place termly. Both Key Stage 3 and 4 are represented.

In addition we have Core Curriculum Representatives who keep us all informed about developments taking place in the Core subjects.

At the meetings we discuss ideas and decide on the best ways to make changes and improvements to the school. We then take the ideas to the most appropriate people who can assist us in making the changes.

The Pupil Council share updates, news and information about new developments with their Tutor Group on their own noticeboard and on the school website.

Our elections are run without prejudice or discrimination as any pupil is entitled to stand as a Pupil Council Representative.

We also have an elected Head Pupil.

Pupils who are interested in this role write a summary about how they would contribute towards improving the school further and why they are the most suitable candidate for the role. Nominations are considered by all staff and a shortlist is drawn up. The Shortlisted pupils then have a final interview where a decision is made.

All pupils on the council have specified roles and responsibilities including:

  • Chair-person,
  • Vice-Chair,
  • Health and safety,
  • Public Relations,
  • Council Website,
  • Treasurer,
  • Minute –Taker,
  • Communications,
  • Marketing and Advertising

These roles are elected by the Council representatives.

There are clear Pupil Council Rules in place:

  • All Pupil Council members must:
  • Attend all meetings as requested
  • Share the views of the group they are representing not their own
  • Listen to others without interrupting
  • Respect others viewpoints
  • Follow all school rules and be exemplary role models
  • Follow and demonstrate the school Values
  • Endeavour to support and develop the school

The Pupil Representatives have agreed this constitution from September 2018-2019.

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