Peak of the Week

Peak of the Week 3rd May 2019

3 May 2019
Peak of the Week 3rd May 2019

Following the staff meeting this morning we would like to share the following highlights of the week;

  • Ashton for being focused when helping with lesson observations
  • Gabe for improving his attendance and completing his work to a good standard
  • All the pupils who tried cricket for the first time and engaged well
  • Serenity for their interest in their project work on the pond
  • Hope for taking on new challenges and showing her artwork to Everest
  • Scott and Kieran M for donating the doghouse they made a few years ago in DT to Mr Hobbis, and also for their progress in English, analysing and embracing poetry
  • Tyler B for engaging well in mechanics and learning to solder
  • Hope, also in mechanics, for getting 2nd fastest in the whole school on the Pit Stop challenge
  • Dillano for giving Mrs Medlow a Batgirl doll
  • Josh M for making very tasty pancakes
  • Solly for his amazing swimming ability
  • Everest for doing some excellent artwork
  • Brandon for having a good week and taking ownership of his mistakes and playing tennis
  • Gavin for sharing his thoughts and getting to know Neville (the puppy) better
  • Harry P for immersing himself in music and impressing Mr Willsmer with his percussion skills
  • Rhys for making a really positive start in DT
  • Owen for his perseverance in DT
  • Finley for scoring a goal in PE
  • Mykee for his wonderful sense of humour
  • Cayman for doing some good work in Maths and English
  • Josh D for helping do class observations, complete with clipboard
  • Liam for his outstanding DT work making a very professional looking piece of work

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