Peak of the Week

Peak of the Week 28th February 2020

4 March 2020
Peak of the Week 28th February 2020

• All groups practical food tech – flipping pancakes

• Trainee students thoroughly enjoyed their week – the art classes were great

• Hellvelyn – towards the end of the week, excited to paint their fired clay models

• Cody – he asked Miss Medlow what her half term was like

• Seifer having 5’s all week

• Josh S Jones – participated in drama really well

• PE lesson and coding with Everest

• Rhys W Nan who knitted Mr Evans baby a blanket

• Jamie Lee having a positive week when moving class

• Matthew Evans asking another pupil to be quiet so he could get on

• Cayman – working and supporting peers in basketball

• Lewis – reflecting on his behaviour

• Tyler L and mentoring with another peer

• Dylan and Tyrel coping with their EHCP’s

• Viveinne mock English exam

• Tertia – coping well at home

• Skiddaw and doing well with their poems

• Mykee cooking pancakes

• Jimmy D – BTEC lesson doing navigation, showed maturity

• Runarko on Forest school – talking and working well with Seb

• McKenzie improved attendance

• Jude absolutely ‘smashing’ Math’s

• Marshall – engaging in every lesson with Mr Hobbis

• Staff support ongoing and consistent

• Jamie Lee – engaging in theory PE and Science now he is in his new class

• Dilano – an improved week

• Cayman – mature approach

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