Peak of the Week

Peak of the Week 25th October 2019

25 October 2019
Peak of the Week 25th October 2019

Well done to all our Peaks of the Week!

  • Dylan - making pom poms for staff
  • Jake W - lovely notes and making small presents for staff
  • Jude - a great example of pupil progress after starting at The Peak
  • Donna - boxing with Kye
  • Pastoral team - support they offer to pupils and staff
  • Owen - timing in circuits
  • Kye - how much he has grown and matured in Science and Humanities
  • All staff - supporting pupils
  • House sports has gone well this term
  • Mr Lennard - great helping in sport
  • Mr Dorman - effort with press ups [60]
  • All pupils -effect in food tech when chopping onions
  • Ramsey - dealing with a situation maturely
  • GCSE pupils - printing with fruit and veg
  • Kye - admitting he quite likes all the staff
  • Support from Mr Lennard and pastoral team
  • Callum D - making huge progress with Maths
  • Shannon - playing football in the mugga
  • Jude - great personality and his dance moves
  • Rhys W - great sense of humour talking to Miss Hall
  • Sam F - getting Mr Dorman to do 60 press ups
  • Josh D in outdoor Ed, expression when the fire went out and then hugging Miss Cook, working to the best of his ability
  • Rugby match with staff at Stroud
  • Korey K - during outdoor Ed with Topsy & Turvy
  • How far pupils have progressed in English
  • Mr Vinton trying to learn Welsh
  • Hope - how she is getting on in Main school
  • Nurture Team - hugely supportive to Miss Loveridge
  • How mature Cally and Hope have become
  • Nevis in PSHE - open and talking
  • Tyrel - enjoying a cuddle
  • Matty - in Donnard doing really well
  • Solly - amazing in RWI - reading to his Dad
  • Arnside - nearly all had 5's all day
  • Harry P - excited after the pupil council meeting
  • Nevis - brilliant this term
  • Dilano - supporting staff
  • Helvellyn - great drama session
  • Drama - first term pupil feedback all positive
  • Tyler L - talking about fireworks with Miss McLarnon
  • Miss Hall - supporting Everest with Breakfast
  • Miss Whitcombe - English feedback
  • Pupils services great support for staff
  • Jake W - great first term
  • Kyle - making progress
  • Brandon - embraced change to his diet
  • Tyler L - working well with Mr Hobbis
  • Miss McClarnon - has a great relationship with tutor group
  • Blu - great with Equine Therapy
  • Nurture staff supporting Mr Barnard
  • Kacey knowledge in mechanics

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