We will be reopening on Thursday 3rd September for a 9:30am start. Transport will be contacting all parents/carers before this regarding taxi details.
Peak of the Week

Peak of the Week 17th January 2020

20 January 2020
Peak of the Week 17th January 2020

Well done to all our Peaks of the Week

  • Miss Medlow professionalism with both staff and pupils
  • Mason Parker - meeting of the taxi with a nice cuddle
  • Mykee - doing really really well and lovely to have in the classroom
  • Arnside Art lesson - all pupils engaged working in silence
  • Scafell doing well this week without a TA
  • Public service groups doing well
  • Forest school Callum D helping another pupil tie shoelaces
  • Snowdon supporting each other
  • Jason Ashton and Runarko personal journeys
  • Liam working after school
  • Marshall working hard in English lesson, writing good sentences
  • Solly - continuing good behaviour and polite
  • Jake making cakes in food tech
  • Seb having a great week
  • Donnard in English - working in silence getting on with their work
  • Mykee's first DT lesson
  • Travis helping Mykee in DT
  • TA's doing their own working joints………
  • Jude - fantastic mechanics lessons, working on brakes remembering from previous lessons
  • Stephen, Lewis Ellis and Nathan having a fantastic week, no or few negatives
  • Solly - excellent behaviour and great Maths work
  • Horticulture - Snowdon Lewis Seaton especially
  • Marshall shows an interest in Drama and willing to participate
  • Ramsey with his Hangman skills
  • Brandon Lewis - great engagement in Digital music
  • Mason P - singing and having a great week
  • Nathan B - did some isometric and optical illusion drawings really well
  • Miss Miller and Miss Medlow with donation of glasses for Jude
  • Oliver W great engagement in Art
  • Jude photography work
  • Seb c- talking to Miss Medlow - great resilience
  • Lottie - helped Jamie with practical experiment
  • Scafell - they have completed a lot of maths work
  • Vivienne and Kieron working well together
  • Owen working hard in Maths
  • Harry P working and enthusiastic with any sport in PE and grateful for the reward
  • Jimmy 1-2-1 in Maths working hard
  • Pupils enjoying their reward activity today

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