Forest School Update 29th March 2019

1 April 2019
Forest School Update 29th March 2019

This week’s session was the last one of this term before the Easter break.

Fortunately, we were not confronted with poor Spring weather, instead we had a fantastically warm and sunny day to enjoy. Once the group had arrived at school and gathered, we went to collect all the equipment to take it around to the fire area. On arrival the obligatory safety brief was given before the group were informed of the challenge for today.

The group were excited to discover that they would be given the opportunity to create their own small fires again, but this time the challenge was to use Birch bark with a flint and steel. This proved to be incredibly challenging for all including the staff. Half the group managed to stick at the task although they were unsuccessful, whilst the others chose to focus on tending the main fire and preparing hot drinks and marshmallow sticks.

All of the group enjoyed the hot chocolate and marshmallows, together with the opportunity to play some games before the session came to an end. Once the session had finished all of the group helped to pack the equipment up before putting it away.

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