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Forest School Update 21st June 2019

21 June 2019
Forest School Update 21st June 2019

Another week has ended and it was time for the group to participate in another session. Fortunately, we were not confronted with the dismal weather we had experienced earlier in the week, instead we had glorious sunshine and a warm summer breeze.

The boy group had changed slightly this week with some pupils being involved in other interventions, which meant we had a new group member, who seemed very keen to be involved in the experience.

To their credit, the boys in the group took on the role of imparting knowledge to the new comer, supporting him with the necessary skills to enjoy the session. This meant that the group worked to get a fire lit to boil the water and cook marshmallows on, together with putting up a couple of tarps to practice shelter building. The experienced boys in the group also gave instructions on other activities, which worked well with the support of the staff.

At the end of the session, all of the boys helped to put the kit away before lunch and then the usual dismissal to the taxis to go home.

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