Forest School Update 1st May 2019

2 May 2019
Forest School Update 1st May 2019

The end of the week had arrived and it was again time for our intrepid group of children to embark on another session in the outdoors.

This week the group had changed slightly with two having left and a new member starting. Upon arrival, the boys were calm, sensible and enthusiastic to get on with the day's activity. Once we had gathered all the kit together and moved it all around to the fire area, which all of the group helped to achieve. We then set the challenge for the session.

The boys were excited to find out that we were not making a traditional fire this week, but instead making an upside down fire, which puzzled them considerably. Once the fuel had been gathered, the method of making an upside down fire was explained. We also explored the benefits of using this method.

The group then enjoyed making marshmallow sticks and having a hot chocolate around the fire, before we packed the kit away and the session ended.

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