Forest School Update 17th May 2019

17 May 2019
Forest School Update 17th May 2019

The end of the week was upon us again and it was time for our intrepid group to embark on another session of Forest Mentoring.

Fortunately we were again privileged enough to have good weather, which meant that we would not all have to huddle around the fire area to keep warm and dry. The morning’s activities again included collecting the kit, debriefing the group, preparing the fire area and collecting wood. Some of our group members were more keen than others to participate in this, but with a little motivation and encouragement the others soon became involved as well.

Having managed to light the fire and get the water boiling for the obligatory hot drink and marshmallows, the group separated to attempt to build shelters amongst the tree’s. There were differing levels of success at this task, but all managed to achieve something. When the group were not participating in this, they were encouraged to complete work around the fire area to keep the environment in good order. This involved chopping back branches from the wall surrounding the fire area and tidying the wood store.

Fortunately the session came to a close with all of the group members having achieved an element of the planned activities, which not only demonstrated the school values but also many other life skills.

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