Forest School Mentoring 22nd March 2019

25 March 2019
Forest School Mentoring 22nd March 2019

Arriving at school the group gathered and were spoken to about the expectations for the morning, during which they were also informed of the task they had to achieve.

All of the boys listened well and sensibly went with the staff to collect the equipment and walk around to the fire area. Upon arrival the group had the safety rules reinforced together with what they need to do to achieve the task that was asked of them.

Some of the group worked very well and needed little support to achieve getting their fires set up, the problem came when they had to light the fire using a flint and steel. To their credit with the support of staff they all managed this.

Whilst being occupied with this the main fire was set up so that the water could be boiled and a cooking facility was established so that the boys could toast the marshmallows at the end of the morning.

All of the boys enjoyed the experience and displayed all of the schools values together with other essential life skills.

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