English Update 12th September 2018

12 September 2018

A new year and the start of many new challenges, in particular for our new year 10 pupils who begin the first part of their GCSE journey and the year 11 pupils who will be working towards a GCSE in English Literature as well as English Language.

Nevis have started to read the play Blood Brothers and have been identifying dialogue and how the playwright is able to create a character using this alongside stage directions.

Scafell have started reading Of Mice and Men, so far they are putting previous skills into practice by identifying quotations to support statements.

Both Baystones and Skiddaw are reading Stone Cold, a novel about homelessness. They have been sitting in cramped corners to write diary entries as well as sitting on cold, hard concrete floors to deepen their understanding.

Donard have been inventing this week, they are reading Holes and trying to persuade people to buy their fantastic inventions.

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