Forest School

24th September 2018

The journey of learning life skills that underpin the school values of Trust-Humility-Excellence-Respect begin once more for a group of young people as they embark on the Forest School intervention at The Peak Academy.

Having already established a base area last year with those that were involved in the first two projects through the Cotswold Forest School, the initiative at school was able to start with learning skills and using the newly purchased equipment rather than having to do the preparatory work to establish our own environment. This not only provided direction and focus, but also gave the group a real sense of collective identity.

The first two sessions have involved building upon this by introducing team-building activities where developing communication skills and acceptance of others has been essential. The activities have also focused on setting routines boundaries and expectations of safety and behaviour.

The skills required to forage for fuel to make a fire in the main camp, together with making a wind chime from the materials they were able to find in the environment around them, also enabled the young people to really connect with the experience and their surroundings. Thus enabling them to gain self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of achievement.

This was achieved, despite the fact that the wind was howling on the second week, which only provides promise for the intervention to succeed.

The Greenfield Academy

The Greenfield Academy is currently based at The Peak Academy in Dursley. Pupils from both schools are working together as Peak pupils until the new Greenfield Academy school has been built.

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