Forest School

23rd November 2018

The end of the week arrives again and it is time for the group to enjoy an outdoor session in the Forest School provision at The Peak Academy.

All of the boys listened well to the instructions at the start of the session, which meant that they were all able to get on with the task in hand, which involved taking all the equipment out the fire area. Not only did they focus on their own jobs, they were also able to support the others through words of encouragement or by asking if they needed a hand. Once gathered at the main camp the group were already aware that we needed to go on a fuel forage to ensure we were able to get a substantial fire going, so that we could boil water for a drink, toast the essential marshmallows and keep warm. This task was carried out with enthusiasm and organisation of their own making, with groups and individual splitting off to gather the different types of fuel. Having achieved this task the group then had to find a stick to make into a device to toast the marshmallows over the fire. Some of them were left to look like pieces of the environment they had been found in, whilst others were stripped of their bark and had handles tied onto them using para-chord.

Having had the obligatory hot chocolate and marshmallows around the fire, the group were then involved in playing some team games, which further developed essential life skills, which underpin the values of the school. It was then time to put all the equipment away, which they again did with maturity, displaying excellent skills of team-work and communication.

The Greenfield Academy

The Greenfield Academy is currently based at The Peak Academy in Dursley. Pupils from both schools are working together as Peak pupils until the new Greenfield Academy school has been built.

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