Science Update 11th May 2018

Skiddaw have been taking part in an experiment to find out the pH levels in household products and also discovered how a chemical reaction occurred. 

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Science Update 4th May 2018

Donard have been learning about the physiology of the body.

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Science Update 25th April 2018

The ladies from Serenity popped in to science to learn about the building blocks of life.

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Science Update 19th April 2018

Skiddaw have learning what is all around us, as in Matter.

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Science Update 29th March 2018

Science have been kindly donated some frog spawn from Mrs Beard’s pond.

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Science Update 22nd March 2018

In science we have been getting to know the terms for the skeletal system.

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Science Update 14th March 2018

Scafell have been  demonstrating  teamwork in Science.

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Science Update 9th March 2018

Pupils have been completing their Science assessments.

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Science Update 26th February 2018

Humans, animals and plants are made of cells. Cells form the basic “building blocks” for living things.

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Science Update 8th February 2018

Donard have been learning about Physics and the universe.

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Science Update 2nd February 2018

Pupils have been learning how to extract starch from a plant.

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Science Update 31st January 2018

Baystone and Skiddaw have been taking part in a practical lesson.

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