Science Update 7th December 2018

The pupils have been turning  copper pennies into silver and gold pennies.

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Science Update 23rd November 2018

Helvellyn have been learning about Separating mixtures. They learned how to filter dirty water to clean.

Baystones have been ruling the roost by demonstrating their reflexes by trying to catch a ruler.

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Science Update 12th October 2018

Donard and skiddaw have learning about air pressure in the atmosphere.

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Science Update 27th September 2018

Nevis have been demonstrating how matter exists in certain states or phases.

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Science Update 6th September 2018

Welcome back to a new exciting school year in science.

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Science Update 6th July 2018

Who ever said Science was boring?

Pupils having a break between exams messing around with circuit sets finding Radio Cymru and finding Magnetic north with putty.

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Science Update 28th June 2018

The pupils have been learning how separate mixtures.

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Science Update 20th June 2018

Nevis demonstrated  how to set up the choice chamber and how to introduce invertebrates to it. They went out and collected the invertebrates.

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Science Update 15th June 2018

Did you ever wonder how scientists know how much energy is in the foods we eat?

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Rocket Challenge 7th June 2018

In this experiment, the fizz is produced by a chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar.

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Egg Drop Challenge 7th June 2018

The egg drop  is an experiment attempting to create a device that can keep a raw chicken egg intact when dropped from a height.

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Science Update 25th May 2018

Skiddaw have been taking part in an experiment to find out the pH levels in household products and also discovered how a chemical reaction occurred. 

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