English & Literacy

English Update 22nd November 2018

Nevis have continued their reading of “A Christmas Carol” this week, looking in more detail at the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present.

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English Update 8th November 2018

Nevis have been reading stave one and the opening of stave two of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. 

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English Update 2nd November 2018

Two topics this term for English, Year 11 will be studying “A Christmas Carol” and all other pupils will be studying poetry, some will be looking at Conflict poetry others different poetry forms.

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English Update 28th September 2018

Nevis have met the characters Mickey and Edward now in Blood Brothers, they are working on a piece of writing comparing the two characters.

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English Update 20th September 2018

Yet another busy week has passed in the English department; lessons, mini assessments as well as reading comprehension assessments have been taking place..

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English Update 12th September 2018

A new year and the start of many new challenges, in particular for our new year 10 pupils who begin the first part of their GCSE journey and the year 11 pupils who will be working towards a GCSE in English Literature as well as English Language.

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English Update 6th July 2018

All students have been taking part in formal exams this week.

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English Update 25th May 2018

Year Eleven have continued with their exam revision, making sure they know the key skills and planning tools that will help the structure their answers.

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English Update 11th May 2018

English this term has been going really well with students moving between groups.

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English Update 4th May 2018

The Exam season has begun!

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English Update 19th April 2018

Year 7 and 8 have started work on non-fiction writing beginning with instructions and have been working out how to make a nice cup of tea. Two sugars please.

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English Update 27th March 2018

Everybody is working hard in English to complete their assessments before the end of term.

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