Science Update 8th February 2018

Donard have been learning about Physics and the universe.

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Science Update 2nd February 2018

Pupils have been learning how to extract starch from a plant.

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Science Update 31st January 2018

Baystone and Skiddaw have been taking part in a practical lesson.

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Scafell Update 24th January 2018

In their practical experiment, Scafell have been learning how the rate of photosynthesis is measured by counting the number of bubbles rising from the cut end of a piece of Cabomba.

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Nevis Science Update 18th January 2018

Nevis have been taken part in experiments on Boyle’s Law.

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Baystone Science Update 18th January 2018

Baystone have been taking part in an experiment to see if they can turn the green leaves of the celery a different colour.

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Skiddaw Update 9th January 2018

Skiddaw have been working on the process of photosynthesis and also discovering how water is transported through the xylem (stem) to the white petals, which have turned blue.

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Scafell Update 9th January 2018

Scafell took time out of their lesson to see the amazing art sculpture taking place.

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Science Update 5th January 2018

After a the Christmas break pupils have got straight back into science.

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Science Update 13th December 2017

The best science little helper. Ho Ho Holium!

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Science Update 8th December 2017

Donard having a break from Earthquakes and have been looking at gases in the environment.

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Science Update 7th December 2017

Nevis have been learning about chemical reactions.

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