Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy Update 3rd March 2017

This week in Equine Assisted Learning the boys worked on their grooming.

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Equine Therapy Update 27th January 2017

This week in Equine Therapy, the boys learnt how to tack up a horse.

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Equine Therapy Update 16th January 2017

We have selected five of our pupils whom we feel would benefit hugely from accessing Equine Therapy.

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Equine Assisted Learning – 12th October

This week in Equine Assisted Learning the boys were working on riding independently and working within the refines of the school and controlling their horses around one another.

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Everest Update – 25th September

This week in Everest we have had a great week filled with outdoor activities.

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Equine Therapy 1st June

This week in Equine Therapy, Charlie and Lee took to the saddle. Charlie tacked up his horse, Carly all on his own and then got on her off the mouthing block.

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Everest/Equine Therapy Update 18th September

Everest has seen an increasing appearance of Jack and Nick this week. (They’re our Geckos by the way). The boys have really enjoyed handling them and sometimes they even join us for maths!

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Everest End of year update! 17th July 2015

For our last week in Everest we have had lots of exciting things happening. First of all we must welcome Mr McGarvey our newest member of the Everest Team, the boys have warmed to him straight away as they know him well from the main school and are really enjoying doing forest school with him, they are learning lots of new skills.

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Equine Therapy Update – 6th July

This week in Equine we had all three boys riding (including Cobie) riding in the field

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Everest Equine 22nd June

This week in Equine Therapy our boys worked hard at giving their horses a really good groom and making sure they were tacked up correctly before getting on.

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Everest Update – 18th June

Green-fingered Gardeners
This week in Everest we have been lucky enough to get the boys out in the garden.

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Everest Equine Therapy 8th June

The most important news of our visit this week to Equine Therapy is that Cobie got on a horse!!

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